Bringing home your companion

Fly My Horse is an international transport company for our equine friends!

How does this process work ?

You book your flight with Fly My Horse
We take care of pre flight arrangements (blood tests, vaccinations, customs, quarantine, …)
Lets ride, get on the truck and time to go to the airport
Boarding time! Our professional flying grooms load your horse(s) and give the best possible service on board! Time to fly!
Safe arrival at destination. Upon arrival your horse(s) will follow the import procedures of the country of destination under supervision of our local partners.
Customs formalities are being taking care of and the horse(s) get safely delivered to their final destination.

Who are we ?

Fly My Horse was founded in 2023 by Sven Van Damme. With over 20 years of operational and management expertise in the international transport of horses Sven is the right man on the right place.


If you are looking to export a horse from Europe then we are your experts for the job!


If you have a horse arriving into Europe we can gladly help you with all formalities and transport to its final location.

Other services

If you require any other assistance in regards to matters dealing with transport of your horse feel free to reach out to us!