Who are we?

Fly My Horse was founded in 2023 by Sven Van Damme. With over 20 years of operational and management expertise in the international transport of horses Sven is the right man on the right place.

Being a horse owner, rider and lover by heart you can ensure that your most precious companion is in the best possible hands when it comes to safely transporting him or her to any part of the world.

Sven grew up with the passion for horses starting at early age already. This passion only grew further and today he, together with his wife and kids, shares this passion with the entire family on daily basis!

With a degree in international transport and knowledge of Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Russian and Polish, no doubt, he has all the capacity one needs to get the job done!

Today he has already successfully managed over 5000 shipments of horses worldwide!

No destination is too far for the ambitions of Fly My Horse !

Fly My Horse has a passionate team behind a passionate man
that provides top service for the equine transport industry!

Why ? Because we simply care!
Care about giving the best possible service
Care about the wellbeing of our precious horses!

Why choose our services?

First class passengers deserve first class service!

With a small, very dedicated and flexible team we are able to easily provide and service the quickly changing needs of all our customers.

Every horse and every transport is different. This requires tailor-made approaches, short lines of communication and flexibility. At Fly My Horse, we listen carefully to your needs and requirements.

Its our mission to provide care free transport for all our passengers!

Happy horses and happy owners are what makes us go that extra mile every single day!