If you are looking to export a horse from Europe then we are your experts for the job!

Our expertise goes beyond boundaries! Below an overview of our frequent destinations but not limited to:

Discover the process from start to finish below!

1. Pre-flight arrangements

Before your horse can board the plane there are several things that need to be taken care of.

Depending on the import requirements of the country of destination certain blood tests, vaccinations or even quarantine must be fulfilled.

How we do arrange all this? We have:

  1. An inhouse veterinarian who takes care of all tests, vaccinations and paperwork.
  2. An approved quarantine facility that can prepare horses for various countries all over the world.
  3. Daily workout for the horses by our professional stable grooms.


When all preperations have been done we are almost ready to go. On to the next step.

2. Required documentation

For every horse there must always be certain documentation completed. The 3 documents that you cannot travel without:

  1. Passport of the horse
  2. Export healthpapers
  3. Customs paperwork

Fly My Horse guides you trough the entire process and if desired takes over several parts.

Need help getting export healthpapers done for your horse? No problem for our team!

Need your customs documents prepared and get a confirmation of exit once the horse left EU soil? We got you covered!

3. On the road

Once all of the above has been handled your horse is ready to move towards the airport!

All our partners that we work with are approved and trustworthy trucking companies that have been transporting horses for many years by road! On daily basis these people take care of the needs of all the horses when they are travelling on their truck!

4. Time for the flight !

Upon arrival at one of the major airports in Europe there is always a flying groom awaiting the driver and the horses.

We have flights from Liege , Amsterdam , Ostend, Luxembourg, …. On each location we have trained and experienced people that travel with the horses during their flight!

Your horse will only travel with airlines that provide us with the best containers and materials to ensure safe travel! All of them fulfill the requirements set by ATA and IATA!

Horses always travel in airstalls specially equipped for horse transport. There are 3 ways of travel for your horse.

  1. Economy class (1/3 of the container)
  2. Bussiness class (1/2 of the container)
  3. First class (1 container complete)

Catering is included with all of them 😉

5. Arriving at destination

Upon landing our team directly gets feedback from the flying groom about the status of all horses and how they have behaved during the flight. The same information goes to our partner on the destination airport who then takes care of the horses and their wellbeing till they are delivered to their new home!

What we strive for !

Looking to export your horse ?